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We Need Volunteers!!

WCJFA is a volunteer run non-profit.  Volunteers for the club and at each team level are vitally important to keeping things moving seamlessly and making Football and Cheerleading great experiences for the kids.  We encourage all families to provide what they can.  

We know all families are busy and appreciate any and all time that you have to give to this wonderful organization.

Please apply today to be a part of our volunteer team!

Current Open Positions

Board Position

All Board positions are  currently filled.  

Board Assistant Positions

Over the course of last season, we began implementing "Assistant" positions for some of our key Board positions.  This serves the dual purpose of making lighter work for each individual as well as introducing and training for a future Board position.  The hope (without commitment) is that the Assistant will step into the Board position when the current member resigns.  There is a lot of work to be done to keep the club moving smoothly.  Please consider providing your skills and time to assist.  We are currently seeking the following Assistants:

  • Fundraiser
  • Cheerleading Coordinator
  • Equipment Manager

Coaches and Assistant Coaches

We cannot roster teams and support all of these wonderful players and cheerleaders without a lot of volunteer coaching hours.  If you have any interest in a Coaching or Assistant Coaching role for either Football or Cheer, now is the time to apply!  Having full coaching staffs lined up in advance assists us immensely in the rostering process and allows us to field more teams.  As we grow, this becomes even more important.  

Our Head Coaches will be selected by the Coaching Rep and committee and voted on by the Board of Directors.  Assistant Coaches will then be chosen by Head coaches.  This process will apply to both Football and Cheerleading this year.  All returning coaches must reapply annually.  

Heidi Rothman